Cooking for Pleasure, Healthy for Life: Type 2 Diabetes Cooking Demonstration.

Family gatherings and special events can be hard for people working to manage or prevent diabetes. Learn about ways to stay on track when it comes to healthy eating at special events.

Being physically active can help you prevent and manage diabetes. Find out how to take small steps to become more active and keep it up over time.

Describing the effects of Diabetes on the eye, specifically the Retina. Photos and diagrams document the process of damage. Damage to capillary vessels in the Retina first makes them leaky which results in retinal edema. Advanced damage impairs circulation causing new vessel growth. Eye treatment with laser or medications. Equally important is improved diabetes control.

Super Foods for Diabetics

Type-1 Diabetes is a continuous cycle of testing your blood, counting carbs, taking a shot, etc. – it is like living in a circus. The PADRE Foundation (Pediatric-Adolescent Diabetes Research and Education) plays a critical role in the education and support of children

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