Six Moves for a 30 Minute Work Out For Diabetics

Are you one of those who is suffering from diabetes and not sure if you are getting enough exercise?

If your answer is a yes, then you need to know that people suffering from diabetes type 2 need to participate in regular exercise.

By having a good physical activity, you can increase the action of insulin in the body and this in turn helps to keep a tab on the body sugar levels.

Regular exercise also helps to keep your weight in check and enhances balance.

In case of diabetes type 2, people often have a risk of obesity and hence, those over the age of 40 should include physical activity as a part of their daily routine. The exercises can be anything from a simple physical activity of climbing up the stairs to brisk walking.

Let us now have a look at the 6 best physical activities that you can with ease include in your daily routine. It is also important to have a word with your doctor before you start with any of these and start slow at the beginning. One can increase the intensity and time of exercise after a few weeks.



Walking does wonders and this especially holds true if you are suffering from diabetes. Walking is easy and can easily fit into your busy schedule too. All you need to have is the right pair of shoes and a good place to walk. Experts suggest that people suffering from diabetes need to walk for 3 days a week, for about a total of 150 minutes.




Tai Chi:

If you haven’t heard about this earlier, you would be surprised to know about the benefits it offers. This includes specific series of movements that are done in a relaxed way. While some do it for about 20-30 minutes, patients suffering from diabetes can include this in their physical regime for at least 10-15 minutes. This exercise helps to improve fitness and also reduces stress.



Training With Weights:

There are a number of benefits of weight training, but it is always good to start this under the guidance of an expert. This helps in building of muscles and is important for people suffering from type 2 diabetes. One can plan for different weight lifting workouts that are easy to start with.




Yoga is considered as the best physical activity that has to be included in everyday exercise regime. Patients suffering from diabetes can be benefited in a number of ways from yoga. The regular practice of yoga can decrease the fat in the body, improves the functions of nerves and also reduces insulin resistance. All the three are quite important if you are suffering from diabetes. Yoga also helps to alleviate depression and is quite helpful in people above the age of 40.


Learn more about the role of yoga in type 2 diabetes



Swimming is one of the best aerobic exercises and is considered as the best for people suffering from diabetes type 2. This does not put any pressure on one’s joints and is easy on the feet too. This is easier when compared to jogging or walking or weight lifting. Very often people with diabetes tend to lose sensation in their legs and feet due to the reduction of blood flow. So, it is good to go swimming, but it is also good to use the special shoes that can be used in the pool so that they can prevent any cuts or scrapes on the feet.




While Bicycling is a good physical activity, one can try using a stationary bike as you get to do it indoors. This activity improves the blood flow to one’s legs and this is quite beneficial for people suffering from diabetes. This also helps to burn calories and this way, you can as well keep a check on your weight.


People suffering from diabetes also need to take care that they do not hurt their feet as it can take longer to heal and at times can also cause infections. So, it is good to make use of special shoes during any physical activity.

You now know that there are activities that you can include in your daily routine that would not take more than 30 minutes of your time. So, it is time you have a word with your physician and start exercising for good health right away.


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