Stir-fried Vegetable Salad with Asian Dressing

Kora or Foxtail Millet, is high in carbohydrates and a great way to get energy from carbs. It is also high in dietary fiber and  minerals such as iron making it a healthy ingredient for breakfast. Adding veggies like zucchini, broccoli and bell peppers adds a touch of colour and the Asian salad dressing ups the recipe’s taste.


½ cup Kora (Foxtail Millet, known as Kangni in Hindi)
1 tsp sesame oil
1 star anise
1 cup yellow zucchini (diced)
1 cup green zucchini (diced)
1 cup broccoli florets (blanched)
Salt to taste

For dressing:

1 tsp sesame oil
1 ½ tbsp dark soya sauce
1 tbsp garlic (finely chopped)
2 tbsp spring onion greens (finely chopped)
Black pepper powder to taste


1. Boil two cups of water. In a pan, dry roast the Kora over a medium-low flame till its fragrance fills the air. Gradually stir in enough hot water to just cover the Kora. Reduce the flame and cook till Kora is tender to bite.
2. Heat sesame oil over a medium high flame in a wok. When oil begins to smoke, add star anise and stir for two to three seconds. Toss in the yellow and green zucchini and broccoli and stir-fry over a high flame till zucchini is slightly tender but still firm. Add salt and toss well.
3. Add cooked Kora and toss well till well-combined. Keep aside.
4. For the dressing, combine all the ingredients in a small mixing bowl and beat well with a fork. Add to the stir-fried Kora and vegetable mixture and toss well. Serve warm.

Recipe courtesy: Chef Michael Swamy


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