Avocado Tacos

These fresh tasting tacos are great for a light meal!


1 medium onion, cut into thin strips
2 large green peppers,cut into thin strips
2 large red peppers, cuti nto thin strips
1 cup fresh cilantro,finely chopped 1½ cups fresh tomato salsa (see ingredients below)
12 flour tortillas
Vegetable cooking spray

Fresh Tomato Salsa Ingredients

1 cup tomatoes, diced
cup onions, diced ½ clove garlic, minced 2 tsp. cilantro
tsp. jalapeño peppers, chopped
½ tsp. lime juice
Pinch of cumin


• Mix together all salsa ingredients and refrigerate in advance.
• Coat skillet with vegetable spray.
• Lightly sauté onion and green and red peppers
•Warm tortillas in oven and fill with peppers, onions, avocado, and salsa. Fold tortillas and serve. Top with cilantro.

Source: Recipe and Meal Planner Guide of the National Institutes of Health/National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP).


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